iPlanHomes & Properties

iPlanhomes & Properties Ltd was set up to be a truly result oriented Company in the provision of cutting edge Real Estate Services to our clients. Investments in real estate business is perhaps one of the largest investments one is likely to make in a life time. As such, it requires intelligent and well thought out plan to ensure you achieve your dream home/properties by making a wise and profitable investment decision.

Therefore it is absolutely important that the right  choice of a Real Estate Company is made. Such a company should have enhanced knowledge of the market, great insights and connections, great negotiation and deal closing skills and advantageous pricing ability among others things. And these constitutes iPLANHOMES core competencies.

Our Slogan

...intelligently designed and delivered.

Our Vision

Intelligently planned homes and properties designed and delivered to be timeless to sustain the construct of rising Values of properties and wealth creation for Owners and investors.


When considering renting a home, there are some things to consider and questions to ask. Some of these questions are; Location; Tenants prefer homes that allow for easy accessibility to places they frequent… (work, place of worship, school, plazas, market etc.) Infrastructure: Availability of social amenities is a very good

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