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Quite a number of Nigerian resident abroad have standard, exquisite and magnificent homes in the villages, country sides and cities built with best of intentions and at a huge cost but due to professional calling or for some other reasons  and circumstances, they sojourn abroad for business or for pursuit to satisfy other life ambitions. As a result, they rarely come home due to their engagements or other personal reasons. Consequently, the beautiful houses constructed with millions of naira in the stated locations now become a source of worry and concerns arising from infrequent visits to their homes. Some of these houses are without occupants and some with occupants who are expected to maintain the properties but do not for various reasons. While some of these homeowners visit during festive periods, others visit occasionally, there are some others who visit once in a blue moon and there are yet those who are unable to tell when they will ever visit. Over time, due to the vagaries of the weather, coupled with lack of maintenance, the properties begin to show signs of wear and tear which could be happening both in the interior and the exterior. At the exterior, the compound can be over grown and over taken with weeds and in the course of time the perimeter fence will begin to show cracks and paints color starts to wear out and the building now looks abandoned. Inside you will find that a wide network of cobwebs have spread all over the interior, while rodents will be having a field day destroying the furnitures and whatever they can destroy.

In order to overcome these challenges, iPLANHOMES have surveyed and developed a business model to address these problems faced by homeowners and also utilize same to counter the culture of lack of maintenance generally experienced in our society. To allay your fears and trust related issues, you may wish to appoint a close relation or a close family friend to be on ground while these activities are being carried out by our specially trained personnels. Suffice to state here, that despite the perceived negative image of our country and it’s citizens, there are quite a significant number who would want to genuinely reap where they sow and uphold their integrity. We encourage our subscribers not to loose sleep over the safety of their properties as iPLANHOMES is set to make a difference in the market place and ultimately become the most preferred brand.

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