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When considering renting a home, there are some things to consider and questions to ask. Some of these questions are;

  • Location; Tenants prefer homes that allow for easy accessibility to places they frequent… (work, place of worship, school, plazas, market etc.)
  • Infrastructure: Availability of social amenities is a very good factor to be considered. Is there water supply? How frequent/ stable is the electricity in that area, is there network (internet connection), good road network etc.
  • Landlord/lady: does the house owner stay in the house? What type of person is he/she? Are there stated rules made by the house owner?
  • Rent: Is it affordable? If there’s an increment, would I still be able to pay my rent?
  • Security: How safe is the area? Are there enough security personnel? Is there an entry and exit door/gate, do they patrol at night?
  • Landlord/Tenants Residence Association: did you find out if such an association exists, are there dues/ levies to be paid?
  • Neighborhood: Is it commercial, residential or a mix of both kind of neighborhood, what’s the noise level etc.

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